Law and Gospel
Tuesday, January 06, 2004
  This is a blog dedicated to reading the text of Scripture from the point of view of Law and Gospel. This way of looking at scripture was championed by Martin Luther. The basic premise is that all of scripture is Christocentric-that is leading us to Christ. But before we can come to Christ we must hear the Law or the "Why Jesus?" part of the passage. The law always condemns and tells us what we must do to be righteous. Of course we never keep the law and so we must follow up with the gospel. The gospel is what Jesus has done on our behalf. The gospel is not about about what we do, but what Christ has done. The law says "Do" and the gospel says "Believe." The gospel should always be the last word in our exegesis of scripture for it is only through faith in Christ that we will experience any kind of change in our lives. No twelve steps to holiness. No scriptural application. Just a proclamation of Jesus and his work on behalf of the sinner. One of my seminary professor's old profs used to say that the goal of every sermon should be to exalt Christ and comfort troubled sinners. That is what this blog is dedicated to. 
Reading the Biblical text from a Law and Gospel hermeneutic.

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